ROLLERWORLD Neon Glow Help Us Grow

Saturday 20th january 2024
11am to 11:30pm
All Ages

Charter Hall Colchester



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Now Closed

Thank You

Coming up to a year closed……..

Whilst we have lost our building that Rollerworld sat in for 33 years, on November 20th last year, the heart of Rollerworld lives on. We have a very hard working team of volunteers who work tirelessly organising events to keep the memory of Rollerworld alive, so watch this space for the amazing things we have coming up.

We have our get together at our Northern Skateway every Thursday night, keeping our skate community together and having fun on wheels.

Our events in both Charter Hall and Ipswich Inspire were great fun and a huge success.

Whats next….

We are applying for a charity status and have been working on this since January 2023, this is a very long process and we hope to have more details in the coming months.

If we get charity status it will allow us to apply for grants and funding and will then allow us to find an appropriate building or land in which to build an amazing venue for wheeled sports. Nothing good happens quickly but we have been informed this could take a long time.

We are keeping positive and hope as promised we can make RW2 happen in the very near future.

Thank you…..

We would like to thank everyone that has supported us over the last year, it has been a very stressful time but those that join us at our events and skating sessions really do keep us going.

A special thank you has to go out to our friends and volunteers who work so hard to keep us going and to ensure these events are as good as they can be. Bring the Rollerworld vibe back is an amazing feeling and we hope to do this when venues become available for us. We cannot do this without our DJs, stewards, coaches, sound and lighting engineers, electricians and the vast amount of skilled people behind the scenes, we love each and everyone of you.

Thank You,

Anne and Jason


Roller Skating

If you’re looking for the best roller skating experience in Essex, then you’re in luck here at DX’s Rollerworld. Delivering the finest rink in Europe, there’s truly something for skaters of all levels at our iconic Colchester venue.

Laser Quest

Grab your laser gun and step into the battle zone of the future. Battle for supremacy in an exhilarating and unique experience!

Our laser tag system has had a complete overhaul to make it better than ever before!

Rollerworld Laser Quest


DX’s Rollerworld Karaoke Suite is here! Book your slot for Essex 1st and currently only dedicated Karaoke Suite. Sing your heart out on our state of the art system with a choice of over 80,000 searchable tracks!

Also Rollaoke, Skate Night and Karaoke in the bar on the 1st Thursday of the month!

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