Terms & Conditions

DX’s Rollerworld & Quasar are a provider of recreational activities including, but not limited to roller skating, quasar laser tag and entertainment machines. By booking any of our activities you and anyone your booking for agree to the following terms and conditions:


  1. Roller skating, like all sports, has risks that should be considered. Even fully trained and experienced skaters have the risk of injury due to the nature of the sport. Neither the owner, the management nor any staff of Rollerworld shall be liable for any accident or injury to any customer or third party.
  2. Accidents can occur through one’s own lacking of skill and experience, or by collision with another skater. Our staff are trained in rink traffic control, basic first aid, and proper roller skating surface and equipment maintenance. For this reason, skaters shall comprehend the existence of risk as skaters themselves or other parties are possible to cause accident.
  3. If you are a beginner, we highly recommend you to consider taking lessons with our qualified roller skating instructors prior to attempting this sport. For more information please see our Learn to Skate courses.
  4. All skaters shall properly behave and observe all rules provided in our rollercode. Skaters shall fulfil their obligation to take care of themselves and their children.
  5. By entering Rollerworld you agree to adhere to our Rules and follow the instruction of the staff. Failure to abide by the Skate Steward’s or other staff’s instructions shall be liable to eviction.
  6. Elderly who are over the age of 60, pregnant women, those who cannot take care of themselves or have related epilepsy, as well as patients who have cardiovascular disease, asthma, poliomyelitis, osteogenesis imperfecta or other bone disease, are advised that roller skating is not suitable and should consult with a doctor before participation.
  7. We caution parents to seriously consider the consequences before allowing your children to attempt roller skating. We highly recommend parents to consider taking the children to our Learn to Skate courses with our qualified roller skating instructors prior to attempting this sport.
  8. Skaters are forbidden to bring digital appliances, food or drinks on the rink.
  9. All personal belongings and valuable items must be placed in lockers provided. Neither the owner, the management nor any staff of Rollerworld shall be responsible for the loss, theft or damage to, any property or valuable belongings of any skater or visitor. No personal belongings or valuables shall be entrusted to any Rollerworld employee.
  10. In accordance with these terms and conditions, neither the owner, the management nor any staff of Rollerworld shall be liable or responsible for an accident whether caused by the skater him/herself, or any collision with other skaters. Take these risks into account before you attempt this sport.


  1. All participants of quasar acknowledge that by the virtue of the nature of the game that there are risks of injury to yourself or others and injurys  except for death or personal injury caused as a result of negligence of Quasar at Rollerworld and it’s staff, Rollerworld and Quasar accept no liability.
  2. Personal belongings are to be stored in lockers for the duration of the game.
  3. All participants agree to abide by the instructions and rules given by the Quasar marshal.
  4. All participants are aware that this activity is of an intense nature and darkness, smoke, flashing lights, sound effects, obstacles, steps, stairs and raised levels are all part of the game.
  5. Running, climbing and physical contact are not allowed while playing.
  6. Quasar Guns must be held in both hands at all times.
  7. Participants accept full responsibility for damage to the quasar facilities and/or equipment caused buy them.
  8. All medical, medicinal and allergy information that may effect participation in Quasar needs to be told to the Quasar marshal before playing.
  9. Any event of equipment failing must be notified to a Quasar marshal immediately and complaints to be raised with reception. Equipment will be tested before resolving a complaint.
  10. All participants will abide by the RollerCODE


  1. Minimum of eight birthday party guests
  2. All Parties include a Party Meal
  3. Meal time is arranged by Rollerworld
  4. All Parties include 1 jug of squash and 1 jug water provided during the meal
  5. You may bring a Birthday Party Cake which we will present for you
  6. No balloons or decorations permitted in the venue
  7. No other food or drinks permitted into the venue
  8. Additional drinks + food can be purchased from the RollerCAFE
  9. Drinking Water fountains available
  10. Birthday Party space is available for duration of meal only
  11. The Birthday Party organiser – you – must ensure that each guest has 20p coins for lockers
  12. All coats bags shoes etc. must be locked in lockers
  13. Quasar will be played with other guests
  14. Party payment in full on entry – either cash or card (deposits will contribute to the final cost of the party)
  15. Deposits are non-refundable.
  16. Entry subject to RollerCODE


  1. All terms outlined under skating apply to skating lessons
  2. Lessons are provided in 6 lesson packages that are on set dates, failure to attend a lesson date will not permit refunds or attendance to lessons not in the package you selected.
  3. Purchase of a single lesson is not available at this time.
  4. All medical, medicinal and allergy information must be provided on sign up for each participant. Failure to provide information may result in removal from the skating lessons.
  5. Skating lessons must be paid for upfront when booking online.
  6. Any Cancellations must be made at least 14 days before the first lesson to be entitled to a refund.
  7. We reserve the right to alter or cancel any part of the course


Everyone that enters Rollerworld must abide by the rollercode:

  1. We reserve all rights of admission
  2. No Pass Outs or re admission
  3. Under 12 years must be accompanied by a playing adult (18+) in Quasar
  4. Under 14 years must be accompanied by an adult (18+) on Friday & Saturday Nights
  5. Spectator Fee is reserved for adults accompanying under 12s (excluding RollerDISCOs)
  6. No dirty, damaged, oiled, dangerous axles, aggressive inline skates or open race skates
  7. No marking wheels or stoppers
  8. All quad skates must have 2 good toe stops
  9. All skates are checked for rink worthiness
  10. No Entry / Exit permitted on skates
  11. No photography
  12. No mobile Phones on the Rink
  13. No personal listening devices (Ipods etc) to be used
  14. No newspapers, books, magazines, games, laptops etc permitted in RollerCAFE or BAR
  15. Dress Smart / Casual
  16. No jackets, hats, sunglasses, scarves, vests, singlets or open, ripped or studded clothing to be worn
  17. No prams or pushchairs
  18. All shoes, coats, bags etc must be locked in lockers
  19. Lockers – 20p non refundable – allow one per person
  20. No refreshments to be brought into Rollerworld
  21. Drinking Water Fountains available
  22. No Chewing Gum anywhere
  23. Over 18s Only in RollerBAR – No excessive drinking
  24. No swearing or Anti Social Behaviour
  25. No smoking or e-cigs etc.
  26. This venue has steps and ramps
  27. Smoke and flashing lighting effects used during skating sessions and Quasar games at any time
  28. Safety equipment available for purchase
  29. CCTV in 24 hour operation
  30. Any incidents must be reported in writing to Rollerworld Management within seven working days

Bookings & Entry

  1. Online bookings provide access to only the activities booked.
  2. Entry is not permitted without an online ticket or paying at the door.
  3. Any spectators, including, but not limited to parents, guardians and friends will need to pay a spectator fee to enter.
  4. Registered carers for participants with disabilities of any activity are entitled to a free skating or spectator ticket on provision of a valid Carer ID.

Extra Quasar Games

  1. All online and on the door skating or quasar receipts can be redeemed for a discounted quasar game on the same session as the original activity.
  2. Discounted skating is also available for quasar tickets only on the same session as the quasar game.
  3. Discounted games can not be claimed by 3rd parties, only the original participant in the activity.
  4. This offer is subject to availability.
  5. To guarantee spaces the full price would have to be made for an online booking.

Fireworks Night 2019 Prizes

  1. All Prizes can only be redeemed during our opening hours.
  2. All free skating prizes do not include skate hire.
  3. Party prizes & exclusive hire prizes for will need to be booked over the phone with at least 1 weeks notice.
  4. Free scooter hire vouchers can only be redeemed by under 14’s on our Relaxed and after school sessions, Wednesday & Thursday 4pm to 6pm.
  5. Prizes cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers.


  1. Bookings for skating and quasar sessions can be cancelled for a full refund provided there has been given at least 12 hours notice for skating and 24 hours notice for Quasar.
  2. No refunds will be provided if notice is not given by either email or through our contact form.
  3. Deposits for parties and private bookings are non-refundable.
  4. Full price for parties are made at the door on arrival and are non-refundable.