All Ages Skate Lessons

4 Week Skating Course

First 4 Sundays of the month

Arrival Time: 4:45pm

Lesson Time: 5:00pm to 5:45pm

£50 per person

Our aim is to help you skate confidently, forwards, backward, stop, cross over and turn. These lessons will help beginner skaters become used to skating and develop skills on the rink.

At the end of the course, you will be introduced to some roller sports coaches that you may want to follow. They have skills ranging from Roller Derby, Hockey, Artistic, Freestyle, Speed Skating, and Jamming. 

You will also receive a Rollerworld certificate upon completion of each award.

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Bronze Award Goal

FARS Equivalent: Grade 1-2

To be able to skate around the rink without holding on to the barrier, using both feet to skate, with your knees bent and your eyes facing forward and looking up at all times

  1. Get up from the floor in the correct manner, so as not to injure yourself or cause injury to others.
  2. Good skating stance (toes, knees, nose) Keep your knees bent, eyes looking straight ahead with your heels together and toes pointing outwards whilst moving forward.
  3. Skate using a Snake Pattern, moving with both feet whilst making a snake pattern with BOTH feet.
  4. Moving forward, lifting one foot after the other, in a skating motion. Balancing on one foot after the other for 3 seconds.

Silver Award Goal

FARS Equivalent: Grade 3

To be able to skate in a forward motion, lifting both feet alternatively. Be able to stop confidently from speed and be able to go backwards a little.

  1. Moving forwards around a circle bringing your feet together and pushing outward in a skating motion.
  2. Learning to stop using a T-stop on both the left and right skate.
  3. Skating forward on alternative feet and going into a Little Man position, with knees bent as far as they can go, holding for at least 3 meters.
  4. Pushing off from the wall going backwards, using a Snake Pattern, using both feet equally. You should be able to do this for at least 10 meters.

Gold Award Goal

FARS Equivalent: Grade 4-5

To be able to skate forwards, backwards, turn to backwards from forwards and vice-versa confidently, be able to stop in a controlled manner using both T-stop and stoppers and be able to cross over correctly when skating around the rink in both directions.

  1. Skating across the rink and turning from forwards to backwards and stopping using your stoppers (or backwards snow plough for inlines)
  2. Skating backwards using both feet alternatively, toes out and lifting your feet into the centre each time.
  3. Going around in a circle, be able to cross over right over left and left over right in a forward motion.
  4. Balance on one leg at a time for at least 10 meters without too much wobble.

Sport Award Goal

FARS Equivalent: Grade 6

The purpose of the Sports Award is to start preparing you to take your basic skating skills into Roller Sports, such as Roller Derby, Hockey, Artistic, Speed Skating, Freestyle or Jamming.

  1. Turn from front to backwards, both ways, and back again
  2. Skate backwards around the rink in both directions using an inside sweep motion
  3. Perform an Outside Barrel Roll
  4. Perform an Inside Barrel Roll
  5. Sprint the width of the rink stopping within touching distance of the barrier, then sprinting back again without hesitation.

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