Help Save Rollerworld

Rollerworld is reaching out to you for help to save your Iconic Colchester venue.

It is with great sadness that at this time we have no option but to close Rollerworld on 30th November 2022. After over 32 years of serving the community and becoming Europe’s finest skating rink. We have been unable to come to an agreement with the Landlords, that will be affordable and possible with the removal of over 40% of our car park as required by our landlords.

Jason & Anne are hopeful that they might be willing to not remove our car park and so perhaps have a chance to save Rollerworld, an essential part of Colchester, Essex and the southeast for many thousands.

As a caution to anyone looking to move into the building:

Rollerworld Skating rink does not come with the building, and it cannot be viable with what the landlords are asking for.

Rollerworld and the car parks are protected by an Asset Of Community Value, nominated by Colchester Food Bank & listed by the Colchester Borough Council Planning Department. Any planning application to alter the current listing from Rollerworld’s exact use will be considered a material change, and we have been advised it will be unlikely to be granted.

The rateable value for this premises is in excess of £83,000, Rollerworld’s listed value is specifically calculated on a different method to any other business.

Serious consideration should be taken when moving into a building that was formally occupied by a business that was protected by the city, community and authorities.

What can you do to help?

Please fill in a testimonial below and spread your message about what Rollerworld means.

We also have more Save Rollerworld events planned, please purchase our Skate Don’t Hate Shirts to support fund these events:

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