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By Rollerworld & Quasar, Dec 10 2017 02:30PM

We will be open as usual for this afternoon's session from 12 to 5pm for Roller Skating and Quasar.

The Roller Skating Lessons will also be running as normal.

Tonight's session (7pm to 10pm) will be cancelled. Sorry for any inconvenience.

By Rollerworld & Quasar, Sep 15 2017 07:51PM

The Only Way Is Essex at Rollerworld Colchester
The Only Way Is Essex at Rollerworld Colchester

Popular TV show "The Only Way Is Essex (TOWIE)" returns to Rollerworld in Colchester this weekend for the filming of a full brand new episode for this season.

Some of you may remember 2 years ago when TOWIE filmed at Rollerworld, if you don't you can watch the clips on our "TV & Film" page of the website.

Last time it was a much smaller operation, with only a handful of the cast, but this time around it's going to be a much bigger film shoot with most of the cast.

Unfortunately, this means that there will be no Roller Disco session this Saturday Night (16th September). We apoligize for any inconvenience this may cause. Rollerworld and The TOWIE production team have done everything possible to reduce the impact the filming will have on our public sessions and all other sessions will be uneffected by the film shoot.

We look forward to seeing the new episode when it airs and we will update you on our Facebook page when we have any further information.

By Rollerworld & Quasar, Sep 7 2017 01:09PM

We have just launched our brand NEW help section to our website where you can find lots of helpful guides and tips to improve your roller skating skills and learn how to repair and maintain your roller skates.

Over the coming months we will be adding new instructional videos covering topics such as: Hoe to skate backwards, How to stop on your skates, How to change roller skate wheels, How to fit light up wheels to your roller skates and much more.

If there is a tpoic you would like us to include, please contact us through our official Rollerworld Facebook page (@RollerworldColchester) to request it.

Our first video is up now, which shows how you fit hockey socks to your roller skates, check it out now on our "Help and How to" pages!

By Rollerworld & Quasar, Sep 3 2017 03:43PM

This October Half Term, Rollerworld and Quasar in Colchester will be opening for Extra sessions of roller skating and laser tag fun for all the family - Plus we have our spectacular Halloween RollerDISCO on Saturday night 29th October from 7pm to 11pm (see our "Special Events" page or the official Rollerworld Colchester Facebook page for more information)

The Extra Family Fun sessions run from 12 noon to 5pm everyday from Monday 23rd October to Friday 28th October (inclusive) for even more roller skating and Quasar fun

By Rollerworld & Quasar, Sep 3 2017 03:30PM

"I first started roller skating in 1998 at the age of 5 and completed the FARS basic grades within 2 years. In the year 2000 I won my first British championship title and since then have continued to win British championship titles, gaining 16 British championship titles over 16 consecutive years. These 16 years involved a lot of hard work, dedication and commitment by myself, coaches and those who supported me. At the age of 14 I was selected to represent team GB at an international level. I have been selected to represent team GB for the following 9 years. This took me around the world to many countries including; Brazil, Italy, Spain, France, Germany and Portugal, some of these visiting on multiple occasions. My highest ranking internationally was 6th in Europe and 9th in the World rankings. I have competed in many national competitions winning numerous gold medals, alongside performing exhibition skates across the country. The level reached within this sport resulted in me becoming one of few skaters to reach triple jumps in Great Britain and gaining a well-respected reputation throughout the sport. My skating career finished within 2016 and I am now focused on the desire to continue success in a coaching capacity coach and bring on the next generation of the sport" Chris Fox

Champion Skater Chris Fox joins Rollerworld as Head Skating Coach
Champion Skater Chris Fox joins Rollerworld as Head Skating Coach

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