What to do in Colchester


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What to do in Colchester

Don’t sit there wondering what to do in Colchester, instead get online and book a trip to DX’s Rollerworld. Whether you’re looking to escape bad weather or find solace out of the heat at our iconic venue, there is something for everyone. Strap on a set of skates and scoot around our famous rink, whether it’s at our famous Roller Disco, one of our special events or on an afternoon session, it’s the perfect way to have fun.

Once you’ve had your fill of skating around our Olympic-standard rink, head over to our laser tag arena for more fun. Put on your battle armour and battle your friends in the quest for bragging rights. Then refuel in our RollerCafe, relax in our RollerBar or enjoy our all-new skate garden. Ideal for family days out or hanging out with your mates, DX’s Rollerworld offers adrenaline-fueled fun for everyone.

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