The Dark
Ultimate Scare Experience

The mysteries of the dark have been solved and the spirits have been captured.

Return next Halloween for your chance to brave the dark.

Enter the DARK side of Colchester and come face to face with some of the infamous and terrifying activity that has been documented across Colchester through its extensive and grisly history! 


Arrive No Later than 15 minutes before your booking time.

Because of the limited spaces, we will not be able to fit you into later times and we will not offer refunds. Please account for traffic on the way and give yourself plenty of time to arrive for your session.


  1. This event takes place in almost complete darkness.
  2. It is NOT suitable for those who are squeamish, claustrophobic, frail, pregnant or faint-hearted.
  3. NO under 14’s. Those aged 14-18 must be accompanied by an adult.
  4. Only enter the attraction if you are physically fit to do so, the maze is in almost complete darkness and comprises some steps and ramps.
  5. Your group must stay together and hold on to each other at all times to avoid being lost in the darkness (maybe forever!)
  6. Any devices that emit light including but not limited to mobile phones, cameras or any kind of torch (excluding medical devices) are strictly prohibited during the tour and must be locked in a locker before entry as not to ruin the experience for yourself and others.
  7. Please arrive early (at least 15 minutes before your allocated slot) this will prevent any delay or disruption.
  8. We are unable to give refunds if you miss your start time.
  9. We require at least 48 hours notice before your booking to cancel your tickets, no refunds will be made after this time.
  10. The experience lasts approximately 20-25 minutes but can vary from group to group… you may find you want to run out after just 5 minutes!
  11. NO physical contact with performers or actors, you WILL be scared and your adrenaline will be pumping, but do not lash out!
  12. CCTV monitors the tour route.