Speedercise – Speed Skate Fitness

Sundays - 10am to 11am

£10 per person (online bookings only)

Speedercise at Rollerworld is a completely new and unique Roller-Skating Fitness Class, open to In-line and Quad skaters, designed to help you improve both your speed skating ability and also your cardiovascular fitness.

Did you know?! Vigorous skating can burn up to 590 calories an hour? Making it a perfect way to boost your aerobic and cardio fitness and aid in reducing body fat and helping weight loss and management. Studies have also shown that skating causes up to 50% less impact shock on joints (such as knees) compared to running or jogging.

Speedercise at Rollerworld will not only improve your fitness and health but you will also boost your confidence and ability in skating at speed, working on professional techniques and skills, under the guidance of Experienced and Accomplished Speed Skating Instructors. This in-turn will improve your coordination and balance, both on and off of your skates.


Please ensure you have the correct equipment for this club:

Helmets are non-negotiable, and will always be required (NGB requirement).

Wrist guards are recommended, but optional.

Elbow pads and knee pads are optional (but may restrict some movement in some drills)

Inline skates are highly recommended to follow all drills but quad skates are still welcome.

Skate hire is not available

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