Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Temporarily Closed Until Further Notice

To assist in the prevention of the spread of Covid-19 Rollerworld & Quasar is currently closed until further notice. We will of course notify you as soon as we can in advance of that time. We recommend that you check regularly our website (rollerworld.co.uk) and Facebook page for updates and more information.

We hope you and your family remain healthy and we look forward to seeing you again once this period of social distancing is over.

learning Outside The Classroom

Learning Outside the Classroom at DX’s Rollerworld!

Here at DX’s Rollerworld, we believe every space is a learning place. That’s why we’re delighted to be an official Learning Outside the Classroom (LOtC) facility and offer a variety of ways to make education more fun!

We now deliver unique educational experiences through our fantastic STEM field trip adventures, where pupils will learn that a lot of their lessons can be found in everyday experiences, even in fun experiences like roller skating.

Developed by professional educators nationwide, we are now offering ten STEM lessons that deliver learning and the additional benefit of physical exercise at the rink. Check out our primary school lesson programme below:

The Science of Roller Skating

Students will learn about the parts of a roller skate/inline skate and how each part functions to make the skate. They will discuss how surfaces in the rink are made of different materials and how that affects the skate in motion. Students will have a chance to

showcase their creativity and design a new feature for a skate.

Topics covered: Geometry, Friction, Reverse Engineering, Design

Motion & Motion Skate Design

Students will get an introduction into the physics of roller skating by discussing the four parameters of motion. Students will answer an open-ended question by inventing their own skate design.


Topics covered: Motion, Physics, Design

Music, Maths & Roller Skating

Students will learn how to count using the beats of the music playing in a roller rink and will learn how the type of music affects the speed of the skater.

Year Five and Six will also learn how to control the speed of skating using the beat of the music.


Topics covered: Sound Waves, Beats Per Minute, Frequency

Super Sound! Acoustics & Rink Design

– Students will explore how sound waves look and how they travel through different mediums. They will discuss sounds that relate to the roller skating rink, including the differentiation in speaker pitch and tones.


Topics covered: Sound Waves, Doppler Effect, Sound System Design

 Science of Lighting

Students will learn about the speed of light and how light travels as well as the exciting effects of light with the use of reflection and refraction.

Topics covered: Electromagnetic Spectrum, The Speed of Light, Light Waves

Heart, Health and Fitness

Students will learn about basic human biology and how the body works from the inside out. Students will focus on heart related anatomy, nutrition and exercise. Students will have fun exploring through heart healthy activities, such as finding and calculating an average heart rate. Students will also learn about the importance of making heart-healthy food choices by identifying and understanding nutritional labels and facts. 

Topics covered: Basic Anatomy, Heart Health, Calculating an Average, Labelling a Graph

Formulas, Fractions and Fun: The Relationship Between Maths & Roller Skating

Students will learn how maths concepts can be found all over the skating rink. Students will measure and calculate the speed of a skater, use mean, median and mode to talk about skate sizes and study all of the shapes that can be found in a skating rink.

Topics covered: Mean, Median and Mode, Geometry, Calculating Speed

Newton’s Laws of Motion

Students will learn about Newton’s three laws, how they relate to real world experiences and roller skating. They will learn about how force and mass play a large role in motion and will construct a balloon rocket.

Topics covered: Motion, Inertia, Force

The Science Behind Roller and Ice Hockey

Students will learn how STEM plays a very large part in sports, specifically roller and ice hockey. They will learn how three different kinds of motion can make a difference in the outcome of the game. They will also learn how roller skates and inline skates used in roller and ice hockey work.


Topics covered: Physics, Force, Potential Energy and Motion

Arcade STEM

Students will learn about the science, maths and engineering of arcade games at the rink. They will measure their reaction time, calculate the probability of simple games and create an electric circuit.


Topics covered: Reaction Time, Probability, Engineering Through Game Design and Electric Circuits

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