Jamming Lessons & Soul Skate

Every Sunday

Jamming Lesson - 7pm to 7:45pm

Jam Skate - 7:45pm to 9:15pm

£20 per person

Skate Pass Holders get £10 off!

Roll Bounce Repeat!

Rollerworld is introducing a brand new session, unlike any other!

With the increasing popularity of Jam skating all over the world we have decided to open our doors to this fresh take on old school skating.

Jamming provides a form of self expression through free flowing movements, neat footwork and practicing iconic moves such as crazy legs, shuffling, toe jamming’ and freestyle rhythm skating. 

Explore your skating skills with likeminded people and enjoy a recreational and social session on a regular basis.

This session is made up of two parts. A 45 minute Jamming lesson followed by a 1.5 hour Jam skate. If you would like to attend the session without attending the lesson, you are still welcome. However, no changes to pricing will be made. 

If you are a Rollerworld membership card holder, you may receive 50% off every session.


This session is a Beginner Jam Skating Session, but is NOT for beginner skaters.

You can use hire skates or your own skates.

Hire skates are included for no extra cost.

All skates require a jam plug or stopper (jam plugs recommended)

You need to be comfortable with: Forwards skating, backwards skating & Turning from forwards to backwards

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