Artistic Roller Skating Club

Training - £15

Every Saturday | 9am - 10:45am

50 participants max

What is Artistic Roller Skating?

Roller skating isn’t just a hobby or way to keep fit. For Artistic Roller Skaters, it’s a way of life.

Artistic roller skating is a competitive sport practiced by thousands of people all over the world. It shares similarities with figure ice skating but is considered more difficult and technical due to the fact it is performed with heavy roller skates!

If you’re interested in the world of artistic skating, then keep swiping for more info on the different disciplines & how to get involved!


Rollerworld will not have competition skaters until the club is fully established. Everyone who is currently involved is at the very beginning of their Artistic Roller Skating journey & are learning the foundations before jumping into competition.

Club Requirements

If you don’t meet the requirements we also offer the following:

– Rollerworld’s Learn to Skate Lessons

– Book a private 1:1 Coaching session with a qualified Rollerworld Coach to get you up to scratch.

Have you achieved any of the following?

  • Completed Rollerworld’s Learn to Skate Course.
  • Completed FARS basic grade 6 elsewhere.
  • Personal invitation from a Rollerworld Coach.

If none of these apply to you:

  • Can you skate forwards & backward crossovers confidently?
  • Can you turn from forwards to backward with ease?
  • Can you stand on 1 foot for an extended period of time whilst moving? (Both feet)

If so, please attend our session


Figures are a non-negotiable compulsory element of Artistic training at Rollerworld.

One of the most popular forms of artistic roller skating is figures, wherein skaters must follow painted figure circles on one foot, whilst demonstrating a specific edge or turn.

Depending on your level of competition (optional), the figures can become more and more technical as turns and loops are added.

Figures are the foundation of all jump and spin elements. Every amazing freestyle skater practices figures on a regular basis.

Free Skating

Free skating is the core of Artistic Skating. It is the segment where every skater has the chance to learn new tricks and experiment with choreography.

Free skating is about power, explosivity, elegance & musicality. It is a combination of skill, technical execution and musical interpretation. Much like Figure Skating on ice.

There is also a team version of Freestyle skating called pairs figure skating. In pairs, a male and female skater form a team doing synchronized jumps, spins, and lifts. It’s very similar to the sport of freestyle pairs ice skating.

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