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Artistic Patch Session

Our patch sessions are here to give you a chance to have some fun and practice artistic and dance moves that your coach has taught you outside of your usual training lessons. We will have qualified coaches on hand to guide you, they will not be coaching this session but will be there to help you.

You must have passed The Rollerworld Gold level or FIRS level 6 to join this session and belong to a club. If coaches would like to join us in this session please contact our management team before booking a place.

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Please be aware this is a fun session and Rollerworld rules must be adhered to at all times, all skaters and their parents must respect each other and coaches at all times and no individual person will have preference over the rink to anyone else. Anyone seen to be breaking any rules will be asked to leave and may not be allowed back on the premises, no refunds will be given at this stage.

Date & Time

Every Monday
7:00PM To 9:00PM


£10 online
£12 on the door

Skaters Requirements

All skaters must have passed the Rollerworld Gold award and have done at least 1 sport award course at the rink, you will then be invited to join this session by Phil Norton or Anne Khan.

If you haven’t been to the Rollerworld classes but are affiliated to the FARS skating courses throughout the UK you will need to have passed level 6 to come along.

If you have not passed either of these you will need to come to a Rollerworld Skate course on a Sunday to be assessed as this is not a beginner skating session. Courses are 6 weeks long. Or will need to join their local club to be assessed by a qualified FARS coach.