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Rollerworld Artistic Roller Skating Club

Roller skating head coach Chris Fox at Rollerworld

16 times Great British Champion Skater Chris Fox

New Rollerworld Head Coach

Rollerworld is very proud to announce that

Chris Fox will be joining the Rollerworld Team as Head Skating Coach as from January 2017


Chris will be running the Learn to Skate courses, teaching inline with the FARS Basic Skills Grades, as well as Head Skate Coach for the Rollerworld Artistic Skating Club


Chris is very passionate about teaching and is looking forward to coaching a new generation of champion skaters!

Rollerworld  is very proud to welcome our newest and youngest member of the Rollerworld Artistic Roller Skating Club (RARSC).


Bailey Hobbs who recently celebrated his 7th birthday, flew through the FARS basic grades in just 8 weeks and will now join the RARSC to compete competitively in the sport.


To support Bailey in what promises to be a very interesting and exciting career in Roller Skating, Rollerworld presented him with his first pair of competition grade artistic skates


Chris, who also completed the FARS Basic Grades at the age of 7, won his first British championship title in 2000 and continued to win British championship titles, gaining 16 British championship titles over 16 consecutive years. He has now taken on the role of Head Coach at Rollerworld with a passion for coaching a new generation of champion skaters and is very excited by the potential shown by young Bailey.

Rollerworld skating coach Chris Fox and Bailey with his new roller skates

Rollerworld Artistic Skating Club welcomes our youngest member

Upcoming Competitions:

Roller Skating Competition Trophy

2018 Competition / Championships Dates


17th / 18th March 2018 Spring Solo Dance


7th / 8th April 2018 Figure and Free Comp


12th May 2018 Tots, Mini, Classic and Masters Champs


9th / 10th June 2018 Espoir – Senior Dance Champs


23rd / 24th June 2018 Figure and Free Champs


24th / 25th November 2018 Winter Solo Dance

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Rollerworld Artistic Roller Skating Club NEWS

Helena to represent The Rollerworld Artistic Roller Skating Club at the British Artistic Rollerskating Championships

Helena Sahin is proudly representing rollerworld this weekend at the British artistic rollerskating championships


She will be competing in the espoir ladies figure and free skating events. The fogure event involves completing 4 different figures including brackets and loops. The free skating event will involve Helena completing jumps and sound with a choreographed 3 minute routine. The picture was taken following Helena's final practice before her championships


The Rollerworld coaches and team wish her the

best of luck for the weekend

Helena rollerworld artistic roller skating club