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The Early start to your Weekend - Roller Skating & Quasar


The Weekend starts early at Rollerworld & Quasar 


The FUN starts at 6pm with Top Music, Games & Entertainment


Our fully licensed Bar is open 6pm to 9:30pm,

serving up food and drinks with spectacular viewing of the roller skaters on the skating rink.

RollerCAFE is also open for under 18s for fast food and soft drinks refreshments.


No Skates? No Problem

Rollerworld has hundreds of pairs of rental roller skates and inline skates for you to borrow,

or you can browse and try on some skates from the fantastic range

available to buy from the RollerSHOP

Times & Prices


before 7pm   7.90

before 7pm   9.90

before 7pm   7.90

before 7pm   9.90


Quad skates 2.90



Roller Skating

Roller Skating + Quasar

1 x Quasar Game

2 x Quasar Games


Skate Hire

Parents Spectating


after 7pm   8.90

after 7pm   10.90

after 7pm   8.90

after 7pm   10.90


Roller Blades 3.90

6:00pm to 9:30pm

Roller Skating and Quasar Birthday Parties:

Roller Skating


Skate & Quasar




Quasar x 2