Rollerworld’s Make a Merrier Christmas 2021!

Good news! This year, Rollerworld has teamed up with Kid’s Inspire to help disadvantaged children this Christmas.

Kid’s Inspire is a charity that provides support to people in Essex who are in need of support. They encourage the local community to volunteer their time to help young people and families. This Christmas they are launching a gift campaign to help young people receive gifts on Christmas Day.

Unfortunately at this time of year, disadvantaged children between the ages of 14-16 are often forgotten about. 

However, here at Rollerworld, we have come up with a solution by offering a monthly skate pass at a discounted price of £35. This will give young people free access to the rink for an entire month, to help them make new friends, improve their mental health and stay active.

Rollerworld offers a safe environment to people of all ages, disabilities, vulnerabilities, and abilities.



Other donations:

  • We welcome all gifts for any age, no matter how big or small. 
  • All gifts must be dropped off by the 3rd of December 
  • All gifts must come unwrapped 
  • All gifts can be dropped off during our open hours or at the Demon Xtreme shop. 

As a show of your appreciation for your generosity, if you spend £20 or over towards any disadvantaged child, Rollerworld will gift you a single skate voucher for any of our regular sessions, valid for 3 months.

Here at Rollerworld, we believe Christmas is for everyone. 

We hope you join us in spreading the festive spirit and making a child’s Christmas the best one they’ve had yet!

Opening hours for Demon Xtreme:

Monday:  11am-5pm
Tuesday:  closed
Wednesday:  11am-8pm
Thursday:  11am-5pm
Friday:  11am-8pm
Saturday:  11am-9pm
Sunday:  11am-4pm