Quasar Corporate League

League Starts:

Wednesday, 27th February 2019


Quasar at Demon Xtreme’s Rollerworld, Eastgates, Colchester, CO1 2TJ


Wednesday Nights

7:30pm (first game starts – arrive from 7:00pm)

Last game to finish by 10:30pm


£120 (inc VAT) Team Membership per season

£24 (inc VAT) Player registration per season

£7 (inc VAT) Per Game Played (Per Player, Charged on game day)


Please ensure the team leader and all players on the team read the rule book:


Teams of 8 to 12 players per game

Team registrations must be made by 13th February 2019

First 6 Teams get their Team Registration for FREE!

Each Team can register up to 30 players – players can be added throughout the season

Game Format:

Game schedule will be published by 20th February 2019

Each team will play every other team in the league twice

League points will be allocated for each game (2 for a Win, 1 for a Draw, 0 for a loss)


Each Game will consist of two 15 minute halves with a break in-between.

You will play every team registered twice. We estimate around 22-38 games per team.


League Winners Trophy
Company Advert in Trophy Display in Quasar at Rollerworld
Company Advert in Trophy Display on Quasar at Rollerworld Webpage
Medal for player with the Top Score

Team Registration:

Click the link below to Register your team. This only has to be done by 1 person on the team and once you’ve signed up your team you can start getting your players to sign up.

£120 (inc VAT) Team Membership per season

First 6 teams register for free!

Player Registration:

Once you’ve signed up your team players can sign up by following the link below.

Make sure your team is registered first and fill in the correct team name when signing up.

£24 (inc VAT) Player registration per season

£7 (inc VAT) per game played (Per Player, charged on game day)

Maximum 30 players per team

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