Colchester’s Biggest Birthday Party at Rollerworld

Colchesters Biggest Birthday Party At Rolerworld


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27th September

12:30pm - 3pm
4pm to 6:30pm

Rollerworld are going to host Colchester’s biggest birthday party as soon as Covid-19 is over and Rollerworld is back up and open. We would like to invite everyone who has celebrated their birthday whilst this pandemic has been going on. All birthday people will be a VIP guest of Rollerworld and will get free entry at a date to be confirmed in the future.

Rollerworld want to celebrate their 30th year with everyone else that has missed out on their birthday this year as well. We will have a fantastic party for all ages with a kids party during the day and an adult party in the evening.

If you have missed out on your celebration this year during the Covid-19 lockdown please book your space online, giving the birthday persons name and date of birth so we can send an invitation at a later date. Family and friends are also welcome to come at our usual great value prices.

Please contact us by email to let us know if you would like to attend the 12:30pm session or 4pm session so we can finalise your booking.

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