Adult Beginner & Novice Skate Lessons – 4 Lesson Bundle

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It’s never too late to skate!

Roller skating is a fantastic hobby to take up regardless of age, with so many benefits to your health, emotional wellbeing, and it’s great fun too!

Coming Exclusively to Rollerworld – Starts 5th July

Lesson Times & Price:

  • Every Monday
  • Arrival Time: 8:00pm
  • Start: 8:15pm
  • End: 9:15pm
  • Price for 4 lesson bundle: £50
  • Price for individual lessons: £15

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Additional Restrictions:

  1. Face Masks Are Optional
  2. Vending machines are available for food and drink.
  3. Failure to follow these rules, being rude to staff or coaches will result in being removed from the lessons without a refund.

By booking you agree to our full Covid rules that can be found here: Covid Restrictions 2021

Our Rollercode applies to all sessions: RollerCode