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It’s with great pleasure that we reveal Adam Jukes is our brand new head coach at DX’s Rollerworld!

We are very excited to welcome Adam to the team. Adam will be taking over our group lessons as well as starting clubs and individual lessons. He will be working with the Rollerworld team to build a fun and successful learning environment for skaters of all abilities and styles for both inline and Quad skating!

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About Adam

Adam was born in Blackpool in 1981, he began skating at the age of 11, fun fact his first pair of skates were Bauer rollerblades, a year later he went ice skating for the first time and found it pretty easy with his prior blading experience. Almost right away he joined the Learn To Skate program as it’s a great way to learn.

At the age of 14, Adam watched the Hot Ice Show and had this feeling like he just found his life dream. From that moment he had a Goal, he wanted to become a Professional Figure Skater and travel the world skating in shows and one day Perform in the Hot Ice Show, he and a friend John Summers would often talk about travelling to America and performing with Disney On Ice, if you have witnessed any of Adam’s life you will know when he has a Goal he is ALL IN and nothing else seems to matter, he often thinks of himself All or Nothing!

At age 17 he gets a lucky break and booked his first professional show. For the next 20 years, he would get to perform in most of the best shows in the world Disney, Royal Caribbean etc, he was even a reserve Pro for dancing On Ice, age 24 he landing a part in the Hot Ice show, where he skated for 4 years when he was 37 he bought his first pair of Inline Figure Frames as he and his partner had a goal to perform in Poland’s Got Talent, which he did twice before also Performing in Britain’s Got Talent and Romania’s Got Talent and also Cirque Du Soleil.

In 2019 he became the 1st Senior Pairs Inline World Champion. In 2020 he had a new Goal, he booked a flight to Vegas and decided he wanted to learn the roller act on the circle, then the pandemic happened, he spent the whole first lockdown in Vegas training 6 days a week for 3 months for the act, and one-month creating videos on the Empty Las Vegas Strip, A Once In A Lifetime Opportunity, during his time in Vegas he realized his dream of Performing in Vegas had been more than fulfilled by using the empty Strip as his personal Roller Rink every day, with this he decided it was time to leave back to Europe.

In December 2020 Adam launched his new Coaching Instagram page with a goal to help as many skaters as he could with the transition from Ice to Inlines as he knows how frustrating it can be, after a couple of months his page started to take off helping over a thousand skaters, Serving others is the greatest gift, being able to share his passion for Inline Figure Skating with the world gives him new life Purpose, he has so many plans for the Sport Of Inline Figure Skating, with his drive and passion for the sport exciting times are ahead for sure.

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